Sensorial description

The Atlantic Limpet shellfish has her own unique personality; nevertheless, she does share some characteristics with her marine cousins.

  • Odour : Fresh, marine, smacks of the sea-side.
  • Visual appearance: Small, round pastel slightly concave in shape, (the muscle) along with a coral pouch.
  • Texture : “You bite into it and it melts in your mouth” It’s mouth-watering, there’s juiciness, a squirt of water, an explosion of Atlantic Limpet's waters in your mouth.
  • Savour :  Marine, iodine, salty, the pastel has a slightly sweat note similar to that of vegetables (courgettes, mushrooms), while the coral adds a more fishy taste.

Nutritional description

  • A protein level amongst the highest in the shell food universe with an extremely complete protein profile
  • A pH level similar to that of the whelk favouring good digestion.
  • Vitamin B12 level is also elevated.
  • Contains lecithin, phospholipids of marine origin with a high added value.
  • Iodine and selenium: a youth and well-being cocktail! Particularly present in the Atlantic Limpet!