Easy-to-cook :

  • Flash-cooked or simmered as with squid
  • Cook it frozen or thawed, depending on the recipe.
  • You just have to make the tiny effort of acquiring the limpet.

Coocking suggestions:

  • Raw : like a ‘ceviche’ dish or marinated ;
  • Stir-fry in butter with parsley ;
  • Flash-poach in a broth ;
  • Fry in a thin batter ;
  • Simmer slowly, drop into a broth or stew and take the time to let the tastiness of your dish develop ;

Many recipes are available here.

Texture evolution of the flesh according to the cooking time

Using Atlantic Limpet to accompany fish

Atlantic Limpet is a real taste enhancer (Umami) which allows you to get the most out of seafood. But don’t hesitate to make Atlantic Limpet the star of your dish.