ALD (Atlantic Limpet Development) offers you the opportunity to discover this new Breton Shellfish; it is small, round and will tantalise your taste buds.

While similar to other shellfish like the cockle and the clam, Atlantic Limpet cultivates its difference and allows the chef’s imagination to roam freely, as much so when considering the various cooking techniques (raw, flash-cooked, stewed), as when considering the dishes and condiments to go with it.

Atlantic Limpet is THE new generation shellfish, a rebel and a traveller!

Its taste will immediately whet your appetite and transport you to the seaside, - Port Picain Beach (Cancale – stir-fried in butter with parsley),  USA (Clams chowder)Copacabana Beach, ( Brazil – marinated with rum), Shiharama Beach, ( Spain – fried in a thin batter).