• Limpets Recipes

    Created by Tugdual Debéthune - Centre Culinaire Contemporain

This recipes are created by Tugdual Debéthune - Centre Culinaire Contemporain.

Atlantic Limpet: “Coat and Fried”

Atlantic limpet is too juicy to be fried directly, here we look to coat it with a product which will both … Read More

“Dashi Breton”

The Gest Soak kombu in mineral water, Remove the kombu and heat to 80°C. Add the dried atlantic limpet, as … Read More

Stir-Fried Atlantic limpet

Atlantic Limpets preparation Thawed. Melt butter until you obtain a hazelnut colour. Take the pan off the heat and stir-fry … Read More

Atlantic Limpet: “Sunset In India”

Simmered in chicken broth. Preparation of the Atlantic limpets Infusion : soak saffron threads in chicken broth. Dice and steam: onions, … Read More

Mont Saint-Michel Bay limpets salade

Flash-cooked in broth. Atlantic Limpet preparation Thawed (control of cooking time). Put the limpets in a colander and plunge into hot, … Read More