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The Atlantic Limpet is beginning MSC assessment

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Photo de la pêche, le Papy
Le Papy, le seul navire crépidulier en Europe !

The beginnig of the Atlantic Limpet fishery in the MSC program evaluation phase, has been officially announced on the website of the Marine Stewardship Council on the July 30, 2015.

Description of the fishery

Exploitation of this abundant shellfish is eco friendly. We are looking for the right balance to limit expansion of settlements in the bay of Cancale, while we apply a fishing pressure to be able to exploit the stock over time. We submit this fishery to an independent certification body (Bureau Veritas), to evaluate the sustainability of this exploitation under international standard MSC (Marine Stewardship Council).

Conduct of the assessment

The assessment will take approximately 7 months, during which, experts will audit the fishery to note various aspects of sustainability:

  • The resource status
  • The impact of fishing on the environment 
  • The management system

More information here

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To be continued ...

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