Often asked: Where To Buy Mussels Dc?

Where can I buy seafood in DC?

The 15 Best Places for Fresh Seafood in Washington

  • Maine Avenue Fish Market. 1100 Maine Ave SW, Washington, D.C.
  • BlackSalt. 4883 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, D.C.
  • Captain White’s Seafood. 1100 Maine Ave SW (@ The Waterfront), Washington, D.C.
  • The Wharf.
  • Hank’s Oyster Bar.
  • Ivy City Smokehouse.
  • Poki District.
  • Izakaya Seki.

Where can I buy salmon in DC?

Best wild salmon seafood market in Washington, DC

  • Ivy City Smokehouse Market. 2.4 mi. 17 reviews.
  • Jessie Taylor Seafood. 2.1 mi. 208 reviews.
  • The Organic Butcher of McLean. 8.0 mi. 151 reviews.
  • The District Fishwife. 1.8 mi. 171 reviews.
  • Streets Market & Cafe. 0.7 mi. 110 reviews.
  • Glen’s Garden Market. 0.8 mi. 322 reviews.
  • Cucina Al Volo. 1.8 mi. 123 reviews.
  • Yes! Organic Market. 2.1 mi.

Where can I buy branzino in DC?

Best branzino in Washington, DC

  • Gypsy Kitchen. 0.3 mi. 161 reviews.
  • Mekki DC Modern Moroccan Cuisine. 2.8 mi. 71 reviews.
  • Del Mar. 2.3 mi. 615 reviews.
  • Fiola Mare. 1.8 mi. 1174 reviews.
  • Siroc Restaurant. 0.7 mi. 478 reviews.
  • dLeña. 0.9 mi. 37 reviews.
  • Floriana. 0.4 mi. 781 reviews.
  • Retrobottega. 0.9 mi. 112 reviews.
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How much is a bushel of crabs at the wharf in DC?

Here’s a guide. WASHINGTON — Market prices for blue crabs can fluctuate with the calendar and as trucks bring them to the D.C. Fish Market in Southwest. But generally speaking, you’ll pay between $105 and $225 a bushel.

Where can I buy the best fish?

Best Places to Buy Seafood Online in 2021

  • Best Overall: Fulton Fish Market.
  • Best for Subscriptions: Wild Alaskan Company.
  • Best for Stocking Your Freezer: Salmon Sisters.
  • Best for Dayboat Scallops: Downeast Dayboat.
  • Best for Shellfish: Taylor Shellfish Farms.
  • Best for Sushi Grade/Sashimi: Honolulu Fish Company.

How many crabs are in a bushel?

A bushel of crabs refers to the wooden basket-like container that crabbers use to store crabs after they catch them. 1 bushel of crabs will typically contain 5.5 dozens of large crabs and 6-7 dozens of small-medium crabs.

Where can I buy a pet fish in DC?

Best Pet Store Fish in Washington, DC

  • Tropical Lagoon Aquarium. 6.8 mi. 67 reviews. Local Fish Stores.
  • PetMAC. 4.1 mi. 27 reviews. Pet Stores, Pet Adoption.
  • Petco. 1.3 mi. 48 reviews.
  • Exotic Aquatics. 10.2 mi. 4 reviews.
  • Eden Pet Supplies & Aquarium. 4.6 mi. 14 reviews.
  • Westwood Pet Center. 5.5 mi. 12 reviews.
  • Loyal Companion. 2.8 mi. 19 reviews.
  • PetSmart. 4.3 mi. 23 reviews.

Where can I buy sustainable seafood online?

5 Best Wild-Caught, Sustainable Seafood Delivery Services 2021

  1. Wild-Caught, Sustainable Seafood Delivery: ButcherBox.
  2. Sustainable, Wild Seafood Delivery: Thrive Market.
  3. Wild-Caught, Sustainable Seafood Delivery: Vital Choice.
  4. Sustainable Lobster Delivery: LobsterAnywhere.
  5. Wild-Caught Seafood Delivery: Wild Alaskan Company.
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What time does DC Wharf open?

Open daily weekdays 8:30am-7pm, weekends 10am – close 4pm Saturday and 2pm Sunday.

Where can I buy crabs in DC?

Here’s a roundup of who’s selling crabs this season:

  • Crabs and Crushes. 1309 Fifth Street NE.
  • Capitol Hill Crab Shack. 723 8th Street SE.
  • Capital Crab.
  • Ivy City Smokehouse.
  • Quarterdeck.
  • Captain Pell’s Fairfax Crabhouse.
  • Cameron’s Seafood.
  • Cantler’s Riverside Inn.

Where can I buy University in DC?

Best fresh sea urchin market in Washington, DC

  • Captain White’s Seafood. 2.1 mi. 834 reviews. $$ Seafood Markets, Seafood.
  • Harvey’s Market. 1.8 mi. 67 reviews. $$ Meat Shops, Butcher.
  • The District Fishwife. 1.8 mi. 171 reviews. $$ Seafood, Fish & Chips, Seafood Markets.
  • Pescadeli. 6.1 mi. 25 reviews. $$ Grocery, Seafood Markets, Cheese Shops.
  • H Mart – Annandale. 11.5 mi. 125 reviews.

What is the Union market in DC?

Welcome to Union Market, DC’s hippest feasting ground, a revived mid-century produce- and meat-selling bazaar that holds food stalls, informal restaurants and kitchenware boutiques that’d impress even Top Chef competitors.

Where can I buy raw oysters in DC?

Best buy fresh oysters in Washington, DC

  • District Wharf. 2.2 mi. 232 reviews.
  • Ivy City Smokehouse Market. 2.4 mi. 17 reviews.
  • Captain White’s Seafood. 2.1 mi. 839 reviews.
  • Capitol Supermarket. 0.4 mi. 60 reviews.
  • Mas Seafood. 7.0 mi. Seafood Markets.
  • The District Fishwife. 1.8 mi.
  • Ocean City Seafood. 6.3 mi.
  • Jessie Taylor Seafood. 2.1 mi.

How many crabs are in a half bushel?

Crab Facts * Bay Crabs consist of Small and Medium Crabs from 5 to 6 inches. – Approximately 3 1/2 to 4 dozen per half – bushel.

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Where can I park at DC Wharf?

Car & Parking

  • Parking Garage.
  • Upon entering the garage, scan your ticket with ParkMobile (Zone 326) to make exiting a breeze!
  • Fish Market Parking.
  • Weekday Parking Rates0-½ Hour: $5.
  • Additional Parking NearbyIf The Wharf garage is full, an excellent off-site parking location is the L’Enfant Plaza garage at 420 10th Street SW.

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