Often asked: Where To Find Mussels Stardew Valley?

Does anyone in Stardew valley like clams?

The Clam is an item that can be found in the ocean during any season using a Crab Pot. It can also be foraged from The Beach. Even though all other Crab Pot creatures are considered to be Fish, Clams are not.

Someone lived here once.
Source: Crab Pot: Ocean Foraging: The Beach
Season: All

How do I make Stardew Valley clams?

The Clam is a fish in Stardew Valley. It can be found during any season by foraging on the beach or by fishing in the ocean using a crab pot.

What do you do with oysters Stardew Valley?

Oysters can be placed in a Fish Pond, where they will reproduce every 2 days. The initial pond capacity is 3 fish, but the capacity can be increased to 10 by completing three quests.

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What do you do with Stardew shells?

Rainbow Shell is used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the dyeable Bikini Top. Using a Rainbow Shell with the Sewing Machine to dye clothing will open a menu where you can choose any color using slider buttons.

Who in Stardew Valley likes seashells?

Quests. One Nautilus Shell is requested by Sturgeon in a Fish Pond quest to increase the capacity of the pond from 7 to 10.

How much do dandelions sell for Stardew Valley?

The Dandelion is found via foraging in the Spring, or grown from Spring Seeds. Up to ten can also be purchased from Pierre at the Flower Dance.

Sell Price: 40g 50g 60g 80g

Who likes grapes in Stardew Valley?


  • Demetrius.
  • Elliott.
  • Harvey.
  • Jodi.
  • Kent.
  • Leah.
  • Linus.
  • Pam.

What do you do with coral in Stardew Valley?

Coral can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to create the dyeable Strapped Top.

What does Haley like in Stardew Valley?

Haley loves all gifts from Universal Loves category, except Prismatic Shard (she really hates it). If you want to impress her, give her Sunflower, Fruit Salad, Coconut, or Pink Cake. Haley likes all the gifts from Universal Likes but Vegetables. She would also appreciate Daffodil.

Who likes sweet peas in Stardew Valley?


Villager Reactions
Love Sandy
Like Abigail • Alex • Caroline • Demetrius • Dwarf • Elliott • Emily • Evelyn • Gus • Haley • Harvey • Jas • Jodi • Kent • Krobus • Leah • Leo • Lewis • Linus • Marnie • Maru • Pam • Penny • Pierre • Robin • Sam • Shane • Vincent • Willy • Wizard
Dislike Clint • George • Sebastian
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How much do crabs sell for Stardew Valley?


Sell Prices
Base Price: Fisher: (+25%) Angler: (+50%)
100g 125g 150g

What does Sebastian like Stardew?

Family: Robin (Mother) Maru (Half-Sister) Demetrius (Step-Father)
Friends: Abigail Sam
Marriage: Yes
Best Gifts: Frozen Tear Obsidian Pumpkin Soup Sashimi Void Egg

Where are the mayor’s purple shorts?

The Mayor demands your help to retrieve a purple short that he seems to have lost. The only clue is that the shorts are purple and they are the mayors favorite. The shorts themselves are relatively easy to locate: they can be found in Marnie’s room. The room is located on the ranch.

How do you get to level 100 in the skull cavern?

Time is of the essence when trying to reach deeper in Skull Cavern. Many attempts are foiled by the clock running out in the day before reaching Level 100. You’ll want to make sure you head to the Calico Desert as early as possible. A Desert Warp Totem will teleport you straight there, as will the Desert Obelisk.

Where do you leave rainbow shells?

Carry the Rainbow Shell to the train station located in the north of Stardew Valley. There is a lonely box on train platform. Put the Rainbow Shell and you will receive a note, informing you to your next task: placing ten Beets in Mayor Lewis’ fridge.

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