Question: Where To Eat Mussels In Coupeville Wa?

Where can I buy mussels in Coupeville?

Best Mussels near Coupeville, WA 98239

  • The Cove Coupeville. 0.8 mi. 13 reviews. Seafood.
  • Oystercatcher. 0.6 mi. 216 reviews.
  • Toby’s Tavern. 0.7 mi. 297 reviews.
  • Front Street Grill. 0.7 mi. 437 reviews.
  • Currents Bistro. 0.7 mi. 360 reviews.
  • Penn Cove Shellfish. 1.2 mi. 1 review.
  • Ciao. 0.5 mi. 248 reviews.
  • Bayleaf. 0.7 mi. 62 reviews.

Who has good mussels near me?

Best Mussels Near Me

  • Chez Maman West. 1240 reviews. French Restaurants, Burgers.
  • Anchor Oyster Bar. 1535 reviews. Seafood.
  • Sotto Mare Oysteria & Seafood. 3966 reviews.
  • Portofino. 154 reviews.
  • Hog Island Oyster Co. 6157 reviews.
  • Gamine. 888 reviews.
  • Fog Harbor Fish House. 6532 reviews.
  • Woodhouse Fish Company. 2317 reviews.

Where can I buy seafood on Whidbey Island?

Where to buy Fresh fish

  • Whidbey Island Seafood Company, online at or call 360-320-3286.
  • On the Rock Lobster Shack in Freeland.
  • Skagit’s Own Fish Market, 18042 WA-20, Burlington, WA Phone: 360-707-2722 Web: Offering high-quality – locally caught seafood.

Where is Penn Cove on Whidbey Island?

West Penn Cove and Twin Lagoons beaches (formerly known as North Penn Cove ) are located at the base of Penn Cove on Whidbey Island. These two adjacent beaches cover a long stretch of beach, consisting of 4,376 feet of public shoreline.

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Where can I buy oysters on Whidbey Island?

The Best 10 Seafood Markets in Whidbey Island, WA

  • Black Rock Seafood. 20.9 mi. 37 reviews.
  • Bayview Farmer’s Market. 11.2 mi. 7 reviews.
  • Pacific Seafood. 21.4 mi. 2 reviews.
  • Penn Cove Shellfish. 7.8 mi.
  • Saltwater Fish House & Oyster Bar. 10.6 mi.
  • Suquamish Seafoods. 31.0 mi.
  • Skagit’s Own Fish Market. 23.3 mi.
  • Seabolt’s Smokehouse. 10.3 mi.

Does Olive Garden Serve mussels?

After trying OG’s Mussels di Napoli one afternoon I decided to try to replicate it at home. We had this for dinner last night with a big salad and a side of crusty french bread – it was perfect!

How do you forage mussels?

Go at low tide: Foraging mussels is best at low tide and mussels can often be found clinging to rocks near the water. Mussels can only be pulled by hand, do not use other instruments, such as screwdrivers or crowbars. Bring: Thick gloves, as the mussels can be sharp and a bucket, to hold your booty.

How many mussels are in a pound?

There are approximately 20 – 25 mussels in a pound (500g).

Where can I buy crab on Whidbey Island?

Best dungeness crab in Whidbey Island, WA

  • Saltwater Fish House & Oyster Bar. 10.6 mi. 211 reviews.
  • Black Rock Seafood. 20.9 mi. 35 reviews.
  • Seabolt’s Smokehouse. 10.3 mi. 465 reviews.
  • Skagit’s Own Fish Market. 23.3 mi. 105 reviews.
  • Key City Fish Company. 10.8 mi. 33 reviews.
  • Frasers Gourmet Hideaway. 10.1 mi.
  • Pacific Seafood. 21.4 mi.
  • Salty Girls – Sequim Seafood. 25.8 mi.

Where are the clams on Whidbey Island?

Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round. Double Bluff State Park, also known as Useless Bay Tidelands, is a 24,354 foot stretch of beach on the southwest shore of Whidbey Island.

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Where can I find mussels in Washington?

Where to find mussels. Mussels are very common to find along open areas of Puget Sound especially in areas around Whidbey Island at Penn Cove, Oak Harbor and Saratoga Pass. Look for mussels attached to rocks, pilings on piers and docks or buoy lines.

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