Quick Answer: What Does The Lap 94 Allele Do In Mussels?

What is the function of the LAP gene in bivalves?

The product of the Lap locus in the marine bivalve Mytilus edulis is a neutral, membrane-associated aminopeptidase that is primarily localized on intestinal microvilli and in digestive cell lysosomes.

Why are the mussels with the LAP94 allele found more frequently in one sample site more than others explain and justify their selective advantage?

Justification ( 1 point) Mussels with lap94 allele are more likely to survive in high salinity/less likely to survive in low salinity. Mussels without lap94 allele are less likely to survive in high salinity/ more likely to survive in low salinity. Mussel population will increase in high salinity.

How does LAP94 maintain water balance in mussels?

Describe the function of LAP94 in maintaining water balance in the mussels living in the Atlantic Ocean. LAP94 increases osmolarity/solute concentration of the cytosol. Marine mussel larvae are evenly dispersed throughout the study area by water movement. As larvae mature, they attach to the rocks in the water.

Does prolactin release change after exercise?

In response to acute aerobic exercise, the concentrations of circulating leukocytes as well as plasma prolactin levels are elevated (20, 27, 34). Thus greater numbers of immune cells could interact with increased levels of prolactin in the blood during exercise, leading to an overall stimulation of the immune system.

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What is the osmolarity of cytosol?

A Donnan equilibrium between the periplasm and the extracellular fluid, and that the periplasm and cytoplasm are isoosmotic. In minimal salts medium, the osmotic strength of the cell interior was estimated to be approximately 300 mosM, with a net pressure of approximately 3.5 atm being applied to the cell wall.

How does ionization affect water potential?

i Ionization constant Greater ionization decreases water potential /increases water movement, OR Decrease in ionization increases water potential /decreases water movement.

Can exercise lower prolactin?

Of these studies in men, one study reported a significant increase in prolactin concentrations over an eight-week, intensive exercise regimen [18] and two others reported significantly reduced prolactin concentrations associated with intensive exercise among athletes [19,20].

Does exercise affect prolactin levels?

Acute exercise exerts physical stress on the body, such as increasing heart rate and hypoxia (21), which can, in turn, increase prolactin levels.

How can prolactin be reduced?

Treatment for high prolactin levels

  1. changing your diet and keeping your stress levels down.
  2. stopping high-intensity workouts or activities that overwhelm you.
  3. avoiding clothing that makes your chest uncomfortable.
  4. avoiding activities and clothing that overstimulate your nipples.
  5. taking vitamin B-6 and vitamin E supplements.

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