When Are Mussels Capemay?

When should I buy mussels?

Buying Fresh Mussels Prime mussel season is from October to March. Mussels should have wet, shiny shells and be kept on ice at the market.

What is mussels season?

They are in season during the summer and fall. Blue (a.k.a. Edible) mussels are in season winter and spring. They are smaller that Mediterranean mussels, but prized for their intense flavor.

Are fresh mussels in season?

Peak season for fresh mussels is October to March. You can buy mussels in their shells year round. You can also buy them shelled – these are frozen, smoked or bottled in brine or vinegar.

Where can I buy seafood in Cape May NJ?

Where to Get Fresh Seafood in Cape May

  • Lobster House. Ask anyone and they’ll tell where to get fresh seafood in Cape May is at the Lobster House.
  • Fish and Fancy Seafood Take Out. No need to get fancy at this casual seafood joint.
  • Cape May Fish Market. Get hooked on fresh seafood at the Cape May Fish Market.
  • H & H Seafood.
  • Oyster Bay Restaurant and Bar.
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Why are mussels so expensive?

Mussels attach themselves to something then live their whole lives in that one place. Clams move around and like to hide in the sand. From an aquaculture aspect alone it’s much easier to cultivate mussels than clams so therefore they can be produced much cheaper. They grow faster also.

What is the limit for mussels?

Mussels (kuku or kūtai, Perna canaliculus) grow in clumps on rocks or wharf piles. The daily limit is 50 per person, and as with other shellfish that do not have a stated minimum size, larger ones are usually harvested.

Can you eat mussels everyday?

Regularly eating shellfish — especially oysters, clams, mussels, lobster, and crab — may improve your zinc status and overall immune function. Shellfish are loaded with protein and healthy fats that may aid weight loss.

Should I soak mussels before cooking?

Just before cooking, soak your mussels in fresh water for about 20 minutes. As the mussels breathe, they filter water and expel sand. After about 20 minutes, the mussels will have less salt and sand stored inside their shells.

What months should you not eat mussels?

So from September through to April you can feast on oysters and mussels, but in the summer months they are to be avoided? Here is the truth behind the shellfish ‘R’ rule.

When should you not buy mussels?

Common lore states that we should only be eating shellfish, especially oysters, in months with the letter “R.” So we can help ourselves to all the oysters, mussels, and clams we can eat from September through April, but put the brakes on come May.

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How do you tell if mussels are cooked?

Tip 1: Never overcook mussels! Trust us, cook them too long and you’ll have a tough, tasteless mess! How do you know when they’re done? Easy – the shells open up. Once they open, they’re done.

Can dead mussels kill you?

But, he added, ”A cooked mussel, even if it’s dead when you bought it, probably won’t make you sick,” because the heat will kill the bacteria. When the salt is dissolved, add the mussels and cover with more cold water.

Who owns the Lobster House in Cape May?

Grandfather Wally Laudeman added the Lobster House and schooner bar, and father Keith Laudeman, now company president, further expanded with a fleet of scallop boats, Tony’s Marine Railway and Mayer’s Tavern. Alex started working for her Dad when she was 12.

Where can I buy seafood in Wildwood?

The Best 10 Seafood Markets near Wildwood, NJ 08260

  • Dock Street Seafood. 0.4 mi. 15 reviews. $$ Seafood Markets.
  • Crab and Seafood Shack. 0.4 mi. 396 reviews.
  • Downtown Wildwood Farmer’s Market. 0.3 mi. 9 reviews.
  • Hooked Up Seafood. 1.4 mi. 159 reviews.
  • Rick’s Seafood House. 2.1 mi. 163 reviews.
  • The Fish Factory. 2.2 mi. 97 reviews.
  • FishHouse. 1.1 mi. 44 reviews.
  • The Dock. 0.7 mi. 48 reviews.

When did the Lobster House in Cape May Open?

Wally Laudeman and his wife Marijane, side by side, opened The Marine Bar in 1954 as a small restaurant primarily specializing in seafood and burgers. A devastating fire in 1964 changed the course of dining in Cape May, when the Laudemans expanded…

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